INSTALL GUIDE // Extended Clutch Push Rod

Installation guide for the RHI Extended Clutch Pushrod.
Tools required: 10mm & 12mm spanner
1) Locate the clutch slave cylinder. This sits behind the Radiator, under the Intake Manifold.
2) Start by removing this bolt with the 10mm spanner, which holds the clutch fluid line in place
3) Remove the following 2 bolts with the 12mm spanner. Here, your slave cylinder will slide out. DO NOT press the clutch pedal in the car, or else clutch fluid will leak out.
4) Remove the OEM pushrod along with the rubber boot covering it.
5) Transfer the rubber boot onto the new extended pushrod.
6) Place the extended pushrod back into the socket and put pressure towards the left to align the slave cylinder back in position with the 2 12mm bolt holes.
7) Repeat steps 1-5 in reverse order to put everything back together. Since the new extended pushrod is longer, there will be slightly increased resistance when putting everything back together.
Please be patient here as you may need a few attempts to get it back in! Once you're familiar with this process, it's a 10-minute job. Good luck! Please reach out to us on Instagram if you need any tips & tricks.
Remember to tag us once it's installed.