INSTALL - Corolla Pre Facelift Lip Kits

Tools: Phillips head screwdriver

Product: Pre Facelift Lip Kit

Note: It is recommended you remove front bumper from car for easier installation


1) If you have purchased the 3-piece lip kit (with side spat), this step will apply. Otherwise skip to step 3

Start with the bottom 2 holes - remove the 2 screws holding in the OEM Sportivo Lip, and align this to the 2 pre-drilled holes and retighten screws. This will help you align the rest of the mounting points which will require drilling into the bumper.

2) Next, secure the remaining 3 mounting screws at the top half of the side spat. Press the side spat against the bumper, and mark where the 3 holes need to be drilled. Note: you can either use the supplied mounting hardware or use rivets (not supplied) Both methods used in the pictured.

Next, we will show how we suggest they can be mounted.

3) If you purchased the kit including side spats, you would've received two ziplock bags of mounting hardware.

Pick up the zip lock bag with ONLY 6 black screws and 6 metal clips for the side spats. The other bag (with gold screws) is for the rest of the lip kit. Note, it is recommended you remove the bumper from the car to speed up this step.

4) Install as per the below. The black screws press up against the side spat. The metal clips go on the inside, and will self tighten as you tighten the black screws. This is the same method to install the rest of the lip kit. The side spats can be installed without the metal clips if preferred.

5) Now, let's install the bottom lip extension. Note that the lip extension will sit flush with the side spats.

Otherwise, position the lip extension to sit approximately 35mm from the side of the bumper.

Using black screws, screw them into the bottom of the bumper. No metal clips required.

6) Now, let's install the canard.

The canard can be mounted flat or angled.

First, let's get a reference of how the canard sits on the front bumper. Note, the front of the canard is flush with the top of the foglight.

7) Align the canard to be flush with the edge of the bumper.

Take a black screw and screw into the bumper.

8) For flat installation, refer to the holes drilled on the Sportivo lip.

For angled installation, the back edge of the canard should sit roughly 10cm from the top of the Sportivo lip.

Mark where to drill into the front bumper.

Take a gold screw and a metal clip and repeat step 4.

Now that the front and back of the canard is locked in place, mark where to drill the centre mounting point and grab another gold screw/metal clip and repeat step 4.

Repeat on the other side of the bumper, and this should complete the installation.

Estimated installation time is approx 1 hour. Good luck!

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