ZZE Corolla Rear Pods (Deposit & Pre Order)

$50.00 AUD
  • ZZE Corolla Rear Pods (Deposit & Pre Order)

Rear pods to suit AUDM rear bumper.
Suits both pre facelift and facelift bumper.

Taking inspiration from the UK T-Sport rear pods, we have created a version to fit the AUDM bumpers. Note, these are not identical to UK pods and UK pods will not fit on the AUDM bumper.
Additional pictures of physical product to come very soon.

$350 rrp. $50 deposit, $300 on completion.
Limited slots of 20 available
We will announce production times soon (expect at least a few weeks).
Please ensure you provide an email address when checking out, to get updates, as well as follow our socials (IG: @rhidsgn)